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The complete player pathway!

At Soccer Schools UK, our vision is to help every child reach their potential and enjoy themselves when playing football or any physical activity. Helping each child be the best they can be! Learning and developing both skills and techniques when playing football and for the rest of their lives.

Soccer Schools UK provide a establish and successful football development programme, which helps develop and improve players of all abilities and ages. But also, our passion to teach the wider multi-skills curriculum, helping teach and enhance the fundamental movement patterns and techniques to play sport and stay physically active.

Our “Complete Player Pathway” is a combined range of clubs and centres, from after school clubs, to progression (development) centres. Our Development Centre Squads play matches representing Soccer Schools UK, against other coaching centres and other highly establish youth setups. Players training can be enhanced through our private 1:2:1 session, or with our coaches working closely with local grassroots clubs and teams.

We also provide PE lessons, and other sports curriculum activities, when working with Schools. Our “Mini Kickers” and Multi-Skills lessons with Nurseries help to introduce the fundamentals to children at a young age, in a fun and creative environment.

We also love to have as much fun as possible! We offer unique and personalised Birthday Parties! As well as our extremely popular Holiday Camps! Which included both Football and Multi-Sports!

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